Sanforizing rubber shrinking belts


The rubber sanforizing belt to shrink all your fabrics. Now with new reinforced inner face.

Whether used for delicate fabrics demanding a flawless belt finish or for heavy denims and elastic cords necessitating optimal and consistent shrinkage, Hanneshrink® is renowned for its irreproachable quality.

Our seasoned experts in rubber applications, coupled with natural rubber sourced from certified plantations, alongside our extensive manufacturing expertise, guarantee unwavering product excellence.


Key Performances

  • Natural rubber formula: superior resistance to tearing, cracking, elongation, abrasion, heat and chemicals
  • Multilayer structure
  • Homegenous belt structure for constant shrink
  • Longer lifetime between grindings
  • Seamless, can be installed in both directions
  • Improved mechanical resistance of the inner face (lower risk of abrasion and cracks)

Technical specifications


  • Internal circumference: 3 962 mm
  • Standard thickness: 67 mm
  • Tailored width: 1 000 to 3 600 mm
  • Hardness of outer face: 38 Shore A

Ribbon & Mini

  • Internal circumference: 2 400 mm
  • Standard thickness: 60 mm
  • Tailored width: 480 to 1 800 mm
  • Hardness of outer face: 40 Shore A


  • Internal circumference: 3962 mm
  • Standard thickness: 50 to 55 mm
  • Tailored width: 1 800 to 2 000 mm
  • Hardness of outer face: 38 Shore A

What we offer

  • A Manual for installation, use and maintenance
  • A Repair kit in case of cracks and damages of the top surface
  • Wax candles for the outer face sticking
  • Worldwide technical support team that helps the customer in all questions related to the belt and the processed fabric