Elastomer parts & surface protection

Elastomer parts

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In parallel with activities related to covering, Hannecard has also built up a solid basis of expertise in the field of extruded profiles and technical molded articles. Its experience in hand fabrication and the molding of rubber and polyurethane items enables Hannecard to provide custom-made, high added-value elastomer parts for many industries. Hannecard’s customers are highly diverse, and come from sectors including maritime and nuclear; mining and extraction; energy, oil and gas; seals and machinery; and the metal and chemical industries, among others.
Working in close cooperation with you, Hannecard’s technicians can create the precise extruded profile or molded parts that you need, based on the dimensions and specifications you provide. We are always eager to help you select exactly the right type of elastomer, and our team of experienced professionals are on hand for dedicated follow-up for your project.


Molded rubber and polyurethane parts

Hannecard provides a wide range of highly resistant custom-made molded elastomers parts and is expert in two molding technologies: compression molding and compression transfer molding.

Characteristics of molded parts

  • Hardness range from 10 to 98 Shore A
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Mechanical strength
  • Aesthetic finish
  • Production of very small parts (volume of a few mm³)

Our molding capacities in rubber:
2,000 x 1,000mm x 500m
Maximum closing pressure of 2,200 tons
Moulding by compression and compression/transfer

Our molding capacities in polyurethane:
2,000 x 2,000mm x 8,000mm

Extruded rubber profiles

Hannecard extruded profiles have provided optimum solutions in sectors ranging from ports and shipbuilding to the nuclear and chemical industries, and in construction applications such as viaducts, bridges and more

Our extrusion capacities:

  • 350 x 180mm cross cut dimensions
  • 33,000mm straight length
  • < 33 kg/linear meter
  • Hardness: 20 to 90 Shore A

Textile-reinforced blankets and rubber sheets

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Besides all of this, Hannecard also offers a wide range of services.

Tool creation

  • Extrusion die
  • Mold

Numerical simulation

  • 2D and 3D simulation
  • Analysis of part performance in end-use setting

Custom development

  • Definition of adapted elastomer types
  • Specific tests as required by customers


  • Analysis of existing elastomers
  • R&D lab

For more information about our custom elastomer parts and services, download our brochure here.

Surface protection

the Beugin Garay Group is a Hannecard subsidiary that was created to develop on-site work services.

Beugin Garay, a European leader in surface protection for over 50 years, offers global surface protection solutions to protect against corrosion, abrasion and chemical erosion.

We offer a wide range of products and services.

  • Rubber linings for processing equipment, for use in pickling tanks, reactors, columns, storage tanks
  • Piping, ventilation and agitation elements that protect against abrasion
  • Protection of offshore metal structures
  • Floor protection systems for use with extreme chemical and/or mechanical aggressors
  • Acid-proof tiling
  • Brick lining for chemical processing equipment

Each product and service we offer is developed, designed, manufactured and applied according to the specific requirements of our customers.

If you need a specific surface protection solution or would like more information about our products or services, please visit us at www.beugingaray.com.