Roller & wheel covering

Covering compounds

Hannecard provides over a thousand custom-made roller covering solutions, from rubber and polyurethane to composite and spray coating. To improve the lifespan and performance of the roller coverings, we are constantly developing new compound formulations.

Rubber compounds

  • Natural rubber, all types of synthetic rubber and silicone rubber
  • All our rubbers are EU compliant
  • In-house R&D and fully integrated mixing streets
  • Available from 5 shore A to 80 shore D and from 0 to 200 P&J
  • Compounds with special properties: antistatic, conductive, high temperature, non-stick, high abrasion resistance, good mechanical grip, food approved, improved web release

Polyurethane (PU) compounds

  • Available from 10 shore A to 70 shore D and from 5 to 70 P&J
  • All our polyurethanes are MOCA-free and EU compliant for more sustainable solutions
  • Monkal® soft polyurethane range for coating rollers
  • Flexolys® hard polyurethane technology for paper presses
  • Vulkollan® for wheel coating
  • Compounds with special properties: antistatic, semi-conductor, ESA-printing, improved release, food approved, acid resistant, constant roughness, high dynamic properties, heavy load resistant 

Composite solutions

  • Covering technologies for the paper industry and for other industrial applications
  • Diamantal® composite technology for paper calendar rolls
  • PRINTAM® base layer technology for roller core protection
  • Sleeves for rotogravure, lamination and coating

Carbide coverings

  • Tungsten and chromium carbide
  • Carburflon® high release coating
  • Hardness up to 1400 HV
  • Surface roughness range 0,05 to 12 µ
  • Coating solutions with special properties: corrosion resistant
  • In-house and on-site grinding and spraying
  • Click here to discover our metal / thermal spray leaflet


Production capacity:
Diameter: up to 2 600 mm
Length: up to 12 000 mm
Mass: up to 32 000 kg

Dynamic balancing capacity:

Diameter: up to 2 000 mm
Length: up to 12 000 mm

Metal grinding

Metal spray:
Diameter: up to 2 000 mm
Length: up to 8760 mm
Mass: up to 32 000 kg

Production<br> capacities