Roller covering for the wood processing & furniture industry

Wood is an essential part of our everyday lives and surrounds us in the form of furniture, floors, roofs and other objects. Ongoing efforts to reduce our need for raw materials and to create faster, higher-performing production lines have brought about an evolution in the coated rollers used in many processes. The transformation of wood into various products, particularly laminated board and furniture panels, has changed rapidly in recent years.

From tree to finished product, Hannecard supplies lifetime-guarantee roller covering solutions that live up to the most stringent standards and guarantee the highest possible output.

The exceptional hardness range, from shore 00 to shore D, means that roller coverings are suited to every type of application used in wood processing.

Based on solid expertise in polyurethane applications, Hannecard can provide unique polyurethane roller covers for use in the wood industry. Products such as Monkal®5 15 & 30 Shore A ensure better performance and a longer lifespan.

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