Roller coverings for the board, flexible and metal packaging industry

Each product requires a specific type of packaging. Hannecard provides rubber rollers and polyurethane covered rollers that meet the requirements of the packaging industry and guarantee the best possible performance.
Corrugated board and cardboard, food, beverage and spray cans, flexible packaging, paper bags: Hannecard has the exactly the right technology and durable covering for every production process.

Board packaging

Roller solutions for corrugated board and cardboard production, printing, brick packaging conversion.

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Flexible packaging

A wide range of roller coverings and sleeves for gravure printing, lamination, corona treatment, bag production, waxing and finishing.

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Metal packaging

Long-lasting, high-performance solutions for coating and printing on sheet and on cans, auxiliary rollers and other surfaces. Hannecard developed the innovative HandyCoat® system for beverage can coating, a technique that increases production efficiency and reduces downtime. For more information, please visit our HandyCoat® website: or download the technical file.

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