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COVID-19 Hannecard remains at your service

For several weeks now, we have been introduced to the significant expansion of the Covid-19 epidemic. This has forced the government to take strict measures that we fully understand and support.

Hannecard will of course remain your reliable partner even in these challenging times.

The Hannecard Group closely follows current developments and takes, as a responsible employer, all necessary measures recommended by our government, to minimize the spread of the virus.

There will be no business travel in the coming weeks, home office is provided, meetings are held by conference call, no visits are allowed, vendors and suppliers are screened, our employees are kept at a safe distance from each other, and strict hygiene facilities are provided at the workplace.

Employees who work from home can be reached by telephone and e-mail without any problems.
As a precaution, we have also further strengthened our raw material stock (mixtures, rubbers, PUs,…). As we work for the medical, hygiene, textile, food and packaging sector, our supplies are therefore essential, also for the local authorities.
Our production, logistics and deliveries to customers continue and this in accordance with the precautionary measures.
And if necessary, thanks to our international presence, we can also count on our foreign Hannecard sites to ensure that our production runs smoothly.

If there are any changes, we will of course continue to keep you informed. If you have any additional questions, please contact your local partner or email us at

Take good care of yourself and the ones that are close to you!

COVID-19 Hannecard remains at your service