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10 years in Russia!

This month, Hannecard Russia will celebrate its 10th anniversary! Hannecard-RUS LLC was officially registered in Kursk on the 8th of August 2011.

Thanks to our team we have, since then, produced more than 10.000 rubber and polyurethane coatings for all major industries and factories throughout Russia and the CIS.

Our first major investments at that time were equipment for hard polyurethane applications, Monkal® soft polyurethane casting and roller finishing. In addition, in those very first years we realized the importance of dynamic balancing and saw that there was a lack  for this service on the market, so we decided to also install a balancing machine on our Russian plant.

During  those 10 years we have increased our production capacity for rollers up to 2 meters in diameter, 12 meters in length and weighing up to 25 tons, and we are not slowing down! At the moment, we are installing a new machine for automatic  soft polyurethane casting and new grinding machines, while we are also developing our capacities in blind drilling for press rollers and are organizing a fully electronic document (paperless) flow in our production.

Thanks to the trust, consideration and sometimes patience of our customers and the daily commitment of our Hannecard team we were able to continue growing year by year ! Let's keep rolling.

10 years in Russia!

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