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Hannecard France s.a.
Site Rhône-Alpes
13, Avenue de Chantereine
F - 38300  Bourgoin-Jallieu

T +33 (0)474 19 02 70
F +33 (0)474 93 91 78


Hannecard France

site Rhône-Alpes

This division, situated between Lyon and Grenoble, provides the commercial 'covering' of the south-east region of France. The own production facility includes the (re)covering of small and mid size rollers and sleeves with rubber for graphic and industrial applications.

Furthermore, a rapid grinding service is offered to the local market. For other coverings produced at Hannecard France or elsewhere in the Hannecard Group, the Rhône-Alpes site assures the sales and service to their local customers.

Finally, this division is equipped with several units for the production of glass fibre and carbon fibre composite sleeves, used in graphic and other applications.

Hannecard France is ISO 9001.

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