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Hannecard France s.a.
Site La Flèche
Les Pelouses - Route du Lude
F - 72200  La Flèche

T +33 (0)243 48 11 11
F +33 (0)243 48 11 29


Hannecard France

site La Flèche

This major production site at about 200 km of Paris is fully equipped to assure the maintenance and (re)covering of industrial rolls, going from small wheels and rollers up to very big size rolls.

At the La Flèche site, the complete range of rubber and polyurethane compounds can be produced. Furthermore, this division is equipped with modern rubber mixing machinery, a mechanical workshop, a dynamic balancing machine,  precision grinding equipment and two vertical casting towers for our famous MONKAL polyurethane range.

Besides roller covering, we also assure the production of specific elastomer products :

Finally, the company is equipped with a major quality control and R&D laboratory, which also fulfills an important role in the development efforts of the whole Hannecard Group.

Hannecard France is ISO 9001 certified.

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