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In 1997, Hannecard France, formerly known as Kalker France, has been absorbed by the Hannecard Group and assures not only the recovering of most rolls for the French market, but also possesses the capacity and technology to produce products for the complete Hannecard Group, such as composites, the covering of big size roll and surface protection coverings.  Together with Hannecard Paper - that specializes in the maintenance and covering of paper mill rolls and presses -  it constitutes the biggest production unit of the group.

Our Rhône-Alpes site  provides an optimal service to the South-East of France and is equipped with several machines for the production of composite sleeves, while Hannecard Alsace - that joined the Hannecard Group in 2004 -  assures the coverage of the highly industrialized eastern part of France.

Both Hannecard France and Hannecard Alsace are certified ISO 9001, count more than 150 staff members and are equipped with an integrated research laboratory.

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