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Hannecard Polska
Ul. Ujastek 1
PL - 31-752 Krakow
T +48 (0)12 644 12 76
F +48 (0)12 644 17 14



Hannecard Polska is an important production unit for the Hannecard Group, not only offering its products and services to the Polish market, but also to surrounding countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and Ukrain.

This production site is fully integrated and has the capability to offer rubber and polyurethane coverings, as well as full roll maintenance. Production facilities include a modern internal mixer, different polyurethane casting machines, precision grinding and modern control equipment.

Hannecard Polska has specialized in coverings for all industrial domains. The presence of Glue & GrindTM technology also sustains the supply of high quality coverings in specific domains as specialty printing and converting.

Furthermore, the production site is equipped with a special vertical MonkalTM casting machine for the covering of applicator and coating rolls.

The geographic situation is interesting given the multiple new investments in eastern Europe and as such, Hannecard Polska plays an important role in the supply of covered rolls for original equipment projects.

At last, this unit also assures the production of rubber and ebonite surface protection coverings.

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