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ESA 2.0 

A Revolution in ESA Gravure Printing Technology

Hannecard is recognized to be a reference supplier in sleeve and roll coverings of impression rollers for gravure printing.
30 years ago, Hannecard introduced HanneResist, the unique polyurethane covering for ESA gravure impression in rollers
and it has been the benchmark ever since.
At Drupa 2016 Hannecard introduces ESA 2.0 the new generation coverings for ESA gravure printing.
This is not a simple evolution but a revolution.
Created thanks to -Hannecard’s vast polyurethane knowledge-base in ESA gravure printing industry,
-Innovative skills in formulation design,
-Exclusive state-of the-art polyurethane processing.
The ESA 2.0 ranges HannePearl, HanneCristal and HanneVision coverings make a significant contribution to enhanced printing
performance and efficiency.
Available both for all Top-Loading and Direct-Charging systems, HannePearl, HanneCristal and HanneVision have been
developed to insure maximum isotropic roller cover characteristics including the tightest electrical surface resistance
tolerance as well as a superior dynamic behaviour in the press.
Among the spectacular advantages for the gravure printing industry are:
• Constant electrical surface resistance
• Superior abrasion resistance & excellent adeformation recovery
• Resistance to conventional water and asolvent based gravure printing inks
• Use of the ESA at lower power levels acompare to any other coverings
• Lower heat build-up in the press
These 5 points insure a longer lifetime with reduced energy consumption.
The 3 ranges of polyurethanes HannePearl, HanneCristal for solvent based inks and HanneVision
for solvent-less inks are available in 70, 80 and 90 Shore A.
This means that printing of cardboard packaging, flexible packaging and décor printing can benefit from the outstanding
HannePearl, HanneCristal and HanneVision advantages.


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