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Hannecard is Vulkollan® license partner of Covestro Group

Vulkollan® is a registered trademark of Covestro Group.

Vulkollan® is one of the most powerful polyurethane elastomers in the market, combining highest mechanical load-bearing characteristics with highest dynamic load-bearing capacity. Therefore, Vulkollan® is preferably used for superior tasks in many technical fields.

Especially when high wear resistance and high dynamic loads determines the daily work of an article (e.g. wheels, rollers, coupling elements & springs).  A low flat spot behavior after warming and rapid recovery after stress even with thick-volume articles is indispensable. Where only limited space in a component is available and a balanced cost-benefit ratio will required. With a history of almost 70 years.

The use of the brand name and logo is permitted for companies who received a license agreement form Covestro Deutschland AG.

This secure that the manufacture follows manufacturing guidelines of Covestro and includes the condition precedent use of Desmodur® 15 (NDI). Resulting in uniform understanding of quality, consistently and reliability of the made elastomer. Those elastomers/articles are allowed to donated by: “Made of Vulkollan®” . For this reason, the drawn logo can be also understand as a “seal of quality”.


Vulkollan® is characterized by a favorable combination of  very good individual properties:

·        Highest mechanical and dynamic load capacity

·        Low damping behavior (low tan delta)

·        High and constant shear modulus (stiffness)

·        Excellent wear resistance, even at high temperatures

·        High resilience, even at high stiffness

·        Low pressure deformation behavior and rapid recovery behavior after deformation


Vulkollan® is a registered trademark of Covestro Group

Hannecard is Vulkollan® license partner of Covestro Group

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