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Rotogravure Printing

Hannecard's Specialty Graphics division provides solutions in all areas of the rotogravure printing process : (ESA) impression rollers, inking rollers, paster rollers and sleeves.

During the past decades, gravure printing has evolved into one of the major printing businesses in the world, offering an inexhaustible variety of high quality printed products to the customer. The success of this process is undoubtedly to be attributed to some elementary advantages like fast production speed, outstanding print quality and versatility and an absolute consistency.

The unique requirements and complexities of the gravure process, caused by its long run printing jobs and high production speeds, have also challenged Hannecard to develop measure-made covering solutions that must improve your output and thus your competitive strengths.

In addition, innumerable customers worldwide take advantage of our in-house production and development program of conical sleeves.

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