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Welcome - Hannecard Roll Solutions

Looking for roll coverings with rubber & polyurethane?
For 125 years, we offer you no-worry unique roll solutions, locally presented over Europe, for metal, printing, film&foil, plastic industries, etc.

Welcome to Hannecard - one of Europe's leading suppliers of rubber, polyurethane & composite roller coverings for industrial rollspaper manufacturing and the printing industry. Next to roller covering, Hannecard also develops a variety of elastomer specialties (moulded parts & extruded profiles) for various industrial sectors.

Hannecard's expertise rests on a profound know-how and a strong team of skilled and experienced employees. True to our motto - Passion For Performance - we are driven to get the most out of every single item we produce. Thanks to this attitude, Hannecard has earned the confidence and the recognition of its customers throughout Europe and even worldwide.

We are convinced that this website will be a guide towards your best possible solution and to one of our local sites that is ready to support you!

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Hannecard: door joints of Chernobyl new safe confinement sarcophagus skidding are made by us !

The final movement - Chernobyl new safe confinement sarcophagus skidding.

The final movement - Chernobyl new safe confinement sarcophagus skidding from VINCI on Vimeo.

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