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About the Hannecard Group

Ever since its foundation in the early 1900's, Hannecard has specialised in roll covering for industrial applications. Today, Hannecard is the umbrella name of an internationally leading group of companies with production units in Europe (Belgium, France, Poland and Switzerland), Russia, Africa (Algeria, Tunisia, South Africa) and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia)

As flexibility and quality are key, management has always adhered to a policy of local presence through international growth. This allows immediate and adequate response to clients’ demands. Through 3 segments - industrial rollers, paper industry presses & rolls and printing rollers - Hannecard is one of the leading groups in its sector.
In our different plants we also dispose of the adequate know how and production possibilities that enable our 'rubber specialties' division to manufacture specialised and sized products such as technical moulding parts, extruded profiles and surface protective coatings.

Thanks to the group's international presence, our customers today are all offered the same high-quality products, regardless of where their production facilities are located. This is also the reason why the Hannecard Group enjoys fundamental trust of many OEM's worldwide.

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