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Paper Industry


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Hannecard group has been founded in 1929.
Since 2010, Hannecard Group is massively investing in R&D, competent resources and equipment for its Paper Industry division, Hannecard paper..
ISO 9001 and daily driven by its motto "Passion For Performance", Hannecard Paper is a worldwide actor, fully customer & solution oriented, and specialized in :
- Composite, Polyurethan, Rubber and Carbides (chrome or tungsten) covers for (press) rolls and cylinders
- On Site Grinding and Thermal Sprayed Coating
- New Rolls and Mechanical Roll Services (suction press rolls, crown compensated rolls, spreader rolls…)
- Roll Audits and Expertises
- Nip Profile Optimizations
Contact :

PIKOASUR, specialist in industrial paper mill maintenance


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