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Roll covering and elastomer products

  • Rubber, polyurethane and composite roller coating for all applications related to the production and transformation of steel, aluminium and non-ferrous coils. Solutions for the production of metal packaging, of metal sheet, plates, tubes, profiles and wire
  • Roller coating up to max. Ø 2600 mm – specialised in big size bridle and cell rolls
  • Anti-abrasion and moulded parts (coil manipulation and storage, scrap disposal, PU-sheet etc.)
  • Elastic sleeves for (un) winding of coils


Some specific solutions and innovations
  • Monkal : high performance concept based on special polyurethane coating of applicator rollers, used for colour coating, varnishing and chemical coating
  • Everlast en Hannelyse : special polyurethane coverings for squeegee and sink rollers in all chemical treatments (acid, alkali, water rinse, cool down…) up to 80 °C
  • MetalStar-XPE : new generation rubber coating for squeegee and wringer rolls – still improved performance – Hannecard ECO quality
  • Printam-technology : high-tech composite protection layer to keep the roller cores free from cut-in damage and from chemical corrosion caused by acid and other chemical solutions – 10 x stronger than ebonite (hard rubber)
  • Sirius : composite coating for rollers suffering from very high loads, where elastomer coatings can no longer be used (e.g. cradle rollers)
  • HanneCoil : high value technology for sleeves, used on (un)coiler mandrels, making it possible to optimize grip, reduce coiling defects and enhance lifetime.HandyCoat : the patented fast-exchange system for coater wheels, used to apply base lacquer and over-varnish on beverage cans



  • Roller regrinding
  • Full roller maintenance  and management : (dis)assembly of couplings and bearing houses, inspection, repair, dynamic balancing, protection coating, packaging…
  • Line audits, performance improvement and cost reduction efforts with guaranteed result, performance contracts
  • Lab testing


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