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Steel, Stainless Steel & Non Ferro Industry Rollers

Today, the metals industry is facing a lot of challenges : the development of cheaper and better products, while reducing cost and improving the efficiency of the production lines.

Elastomer coated rollers are an important factor in coil transformation processes. Not only do they influence the final quality, they can help to reduce cost, when the choice is made for more performing and longer lasting roller covering solutions.

For many years, we have been developing products that respond to the constant changing needs of the metals industry. Today, Hannecard is not only market leader in Europe, we also enjoy the recognition and trust of end users, equipment manufacturers and engineering offices all over the world.

Monkal, Printam, SmartSqueeze, HandyCoat… It are just a few examples of Hannecard technologies daily applied by producers of steel and aluminium coils and by metal packaging companies, leading to an improved quality of the end product and to substantial cost reduction.

Would you like to share your concerns with us ? We would be glad to help you in your search for performing and durable solutions.

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