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Hannecard Aquitaine
Chemin latéral de Lissandre
F - 33150 Cenon
T +33 (0)556 40 09 88
F +33 (0)556 86 69 65


Hannecard Aquitaine

This production unit of the Hannecard Group, located at Bordeaux-Cenon, was previously known as Manufacture Bordelaise de Caoutchouc (M.B.C.).

Joining Hannecard, it has developed new ranges of products and services.
The specialty of Hannecard Aquitaine is roll covering for woodworking industries. Today this unit is offering either rubbers or polyurethanes covering at the quality standards of Hannecard.

Hannecard Aquitaine runs a set of machines which gives dimension capacities up to 6,000 mm long and diameters up to Ø 800 mm.

This division is fully equipped and has an experienced and well trained team which brings its part in the development of the Hannecard Group.

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