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Hannecard GmbH
Joweid Zentrum 3
CH – 8630 Rüti ZH
T +41 (0)55 250 28 30
F +41 (0)55 250 28 40



Hannecard Switzerland is a fully integrated production unit for the (re)covering of small and medium sized rolls, as well as composite sleeves, with rubber and polyurethane.

Although this division is present in all fields of application - specialty graphics, industrial rolls and paper industry -  outstanding knowledge and technology has been acquired in some specific domains such as specialty printing (gravure,  ESA-gravure and label printing), packaging and converting, textile ennoblement and the plastic film industry.

Hannecard Switzerland has evolved to a well respected and important partner for major original OEM’s and engineering offices throughout Europe.

High precision grinding equipment, a dust-free control room and a major R&D laboratory complete the technical possibilities of this unit.

Next to roll covering, this unit has also specialized in technical rubber and polyurethane parts.

This production facility  is equipped with Glue & GrindTM technology.

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