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Passion For Performance

‘Passion’ is often described as the indispensable fuel that motivates one to get things done. Passion brings you into action. It strengthens decisiveness. Passion is the drive that makes you jump out of bed in the morning.

At Hannecard, we all share at least one kind of passion : the aim to realise roll coverings and services of outstanding quality whichs helps you to maximise your output performance. Or simply… a Passion For Performance !

Instead of hollow words in a vague statement, this focus towards performance is to be permeated throughout the whole company.  Therefore, we consider each of the following elements as a cornerstone in our aim to realise an optimal performance:  innovation, operational excellence, market presence and human achievement.

  • Innovation and Performance

Innovation can happen anywhere in the organisation and starts with the simple question:  how can we do better? At Hannecard, each individual is encouraged to find out ways to create new products, new services and new ways of producing products and services that can jack up performance.

More than this, we also strive to obtain solid partnerships with machine developers and line builders. Such cooperations – especially in the early development stages -  often result in a fantastic close symbiosis and offer the end-user an improved performance while he is saving time and money.
  • Operational Excellence and Performance

Operations are the foundation of efficient distribution or manufacturing. In this way, it becomes a key factor in optimising performance in both your and our company. As for us, we draw up operating procedures that are easily understood by our associates, and all associates are trained in the best methods to perform their tasks impeccably, whether it comes to realising your roll covering, supplying it with the proper protective packaging or delivering it within the agreed boundaries of lead time.

Besides, tracking our productivity - and intervene if necessary – assures an efficient cost control and thus enables us to offer you our products in the most economical way.

Simultaneously, the use of high performing Hannecard coverings will also lead to a clear improvement in your operations on the level of cost control, functional performance, quality performance or perhaps even a combination of the previous.
  • Market Presence and Performance

For the sectors of industrial & specialty graphics roll coverings, it is our prime objective to be really close to our customers – both geographically and personally.  That’s why we have established a network of own production facilities throughout Europe, the Middle-East and Africa. We have also built up a network of licensee holders in Asia and America that offers Hannecard’s roll covering solutions throughout the globe.

It is our dedication to strive to exceed our customers’ expectations on a continuous base. That is why we will continue to develop our regional and local presence with the full drive to follow our customers in their global market strategies and presences.
  •  Human  Achievement and Performance

We are strongly aware of the role and value of each individual element, realising our employees are the engine and the main actors in a performing success story.  Therefore we strive to create a stimulating environment that encourages each one of them to take up responsibility and to challenge the established processes.  Regardless of what they do in the organisation, we want our people to think out of the box, take risks and not to be afraid to make mistakes. This allows us to create a congenial environment where people can implement improvements and innovations on a continuous base.  An environment where they simply like to come to work and realise achievements in a fun way!


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