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Research & Innovation

Research and Innovation have always been essential to the Hannecard Group’s activities and will continue to be so in the future. After all, innovative ideas, technological improvements and new product developments are the keys to performance and added value.

3 laboratories constantly work on developing new compounds to be able to respond to the different challenges imposed on producers by the various product markets. Next to the development of new or improved products, our R&D team attaches great importance to the further optimisation of existing production processes in all industrial sectors we work for. Some of the activities are:

  • Performance control of our existing compounds
  • Newly developed products
  • Research for and innovation of area related solutions
  • Manufacturing of semi-finished items

Not only Hannecard’s own production sites, but also the joint ventures and licensee partners can call on the expertise of our Research and Development team. Active and constructive interaction between the research team and those who are directly in contact with the markets is the positive way forward for all parties concerned.

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