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November 2017

Successful participation at AsiaCanTech 2017

Hannecard successfully participated to the ASiaCanTech exhibition at Bangkok on 30 & 31 October 2017. In addition to extremely interesting discussions, we were able to demonstrate our new innovative HandyCoat® system for beverage can coating. 

For more information about HandyCoat®, please visit our website:



November 2017

Hannecard Tunesia invests in own laboratory and new state of the art balancing machine

Hannecard Tunesia recently opened its own laboratory with brand new equipment such as a rheometer, tensiometer, densimeter, durometer, abrasion meter, stove, press laboratory and a loboratory mixer for testings.

Besides that Hannecard Tunesia invested in a new balancing machine with a capacity of 5.000 kg, 6.000 mm length and a diameter of 2.400 mm



October 2017

Hannecard launches its new visual identity 

Hannecard is proud to announce the launch of its new company logo. As Hannecard has evolved and grown over last decades, we felt it was time for a change.

This rebranding embodies what Hannecard is today and our vision and ambition for the future. It also symbolizes the ever-evolving spirit of our company. 

The new tagline and icon highlight the company’s focus and know-how for rollers and roller coverings for over 120 years.




October 2017

Hannecard Russia increases its capacity

From now on, Hannecard Russia will extend its capacity up to 25 tons for the local paper industry !


September 2017

Record investments for Hannecard France!


This year, Hannecard France is making one of the biggest investments in its history, for a total of 2.5 million euros, of which 1.7 million for the creation of a thermal projection workshop.

Next to that the Hannecard group is also celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the takeover of the industrial assets of the company Kalker, which was bought in 1997 and became Hannecard France in January 2008.




Covestro is confirming Hannecard as a Vulkollan®  license partner of Covestro;

As such Hannecard can as well offer the powerful products made of the Vulkollan® polyurethane elastomers"




 New era for beverage coating - Handycoat!

Read more on Linkedin ! 



Dec 2016

Hannecard France: we have made the longest roll ever covered, Ø708mm, face length 10800mm, total length 12150mm


Read more on Linkedin ! 


Nov 2016

Hannecard: doors joints of Chernobyl new safe confinement sarcophagus skidding are made by us !

The final movement - Chernobyl new safe confinement sarcophagus skidding.

The final movement - Chernobyl new safe confinement sarcophagus skidding from VINCI on Vimeo.

It’s in 2017 that we will close the doors of the Chernobyl ark, this sarcophagus 108 meters high which will cover the nuclear
reactor of the Ukrainian central whose explosion was in 1986.
To ensure perfect sealing of the si-over doors, the Novarka consortium in charge of building the ark, retained Hannecard.
This Company has designed and manufactured in La Flèche (France),joints to ensure containment of the radioactive material for a century.
The first job of Hannecard is the rubber or others elastomers covering for rolls used in many industries. It develops for that expertise in the
formulation of rubber, and a production of technicalparts in extruded or molded rubber. « This contract, signed in 2015, was a huge challenge,
our champion’s league », note Geroeges Joncourt, director of Hannecard France (EUR 20 millions turnover, 140 employees).
The company worked on the formulation of a rubber with a very long lifetime, resistant to radioactivity and the Ukrainian temperature.
Although experienced in the nuclear field, Hannecard has validated its solutions through the use of external laboratories, for aging test and other technical requirements.
"We had to perform qualification testing, testing, and ensure drafting the documents showing the results in English and Russian, says the executive. 30 people worked on the project."
The transport of these joints, some of which exceed 100 meters long, was also a challenge.
It took three presses to move butting them there. "This contract has highlighted our added value in technical parts,
notes Georges Joncourt. There will be commercial benefits."

Nov 2016

Hannecard France: we are expanding!

Hannecard France, in La Fleche, has started from November 2016 the construction work for expansion.

Hannecard france expansion

Hannecard France starts its expansion of 1000m² area. The project lasts from November 2016 to end of February 2017.
This is an investment of high tech spray technology for tungsten carbides, chromium carbides and ceramic covers.
"Hannecard, we are always investing in the best available technology to improve the performance of our customers processes and products. " said Hannecard CEO, Dirk Vidts.


Oct 2016

Hannecardpaper has sucessfully attended Pap-for 2016 in Russia! 

In October 2016, Pap-for 2016 was held in Sint-Pieterburg, Russia. Hannecardpaper has joined this expo.
Pap-for Russia is the largest pulp and paper event in Eastern Europe, a meeting place for manufacturers
and suppliers of papermaking equipment, chemicals, measurement equipment, 
products of related industries with the manufacturers of pulp, paper, board and tissue.
The aim of the exhibition is to present the latest novelties and technologies of domestic
and international markets to trade audience as well as to offer the most acute topics for discussion.
Hannecardpaper presented with the latest high-quality product on the show.
Hannecard Russia Manager Mansour Ben Khalfa Mohamed, Hannecardpaper Sales Manager Bertrand Gentilhomme,
Contact our service team!

Oct 2016

Congratulations to Hannecard Poland Team on Visual & Quick Factory Award 2016!

In October 2016, the annual internal competition Visual Management (5S) and Lead-time Reduction (QRM) were held,
and all the Hannecard 9 sites in Europe had participated in this event.
All teams were active and successful, the final champion award went to Hannecard Poland, and the second position is
Hannecard Belgium and third is Hannecard North West in Russia.
Hannecard poland wins                   
Hannecard Poland Production Manager Mr. Marcin Rys with Hannecard Technical Group Manager Mr. Mohamed-Ghaleb Grioui
Good luck for all the teams next year and see you again for more exiting experiences and challenges.
Hannecard Poland Team, October 2016        
Champion: Hannecard Poland Team, October 2016                                              


June 2016

The group Hannecard corporate video

April 2016

The group Hannecard now offers extremely hard coatings, realized by thermal spraying.

Click to download :



December 2015
Kalker-Garay continues its development
Article (French) Ouest-France - 11/12/2015

Click to download :

December 2015
Success Story Hannecard Paper on technical presses in the paper industry
Discover our presentation, realised in partnership with Condat for the ATIP 2015 congress.

Click here to download (in French).

More information :

May 2015
Open House at Hannecard Tunesia
On 14 and 16 April, Hannecard Tunisie organized an open house event for its customers and industrial partners.

Hannecard Tunisie not only is market leader in the covering of rollers with rubber, silicone and polyurethane, through its daughter companies HPGI and Garay Tunisia, visitors also discovered activities as laser engraving for the flexo printing industry and surface protection coverings.
HPGI  is the only company on the African continent able to make laser engraving on rubber coated rollers and sleeves for flexo printing.
Garay Tunesia  offers high-end solutions for the protection of surfaces against corrosion and wear, e.g. for the chemical industry and for the desalting of seawater.

During the production tour in Zaghouan, the participants discovered the portfolio, the technical capacities and the production organisation in line with ISO 9001.
During a technical seminar, Hannecard Tunisie emphasized its strong bond with the Hannecard Group. The latest innovations related to roller covering and elastomers were presented.
On 14 April the focus was on the printing industry, while on 16 April the industrial applications were addressed.
Hannecard Tunisie also presented its expertise in the production of dock fenders.


June 2014
Hannecard-RUS expands its service portfolio
As from 1 June Hannecard-RUS will be offering in-house balancing services. By installing its very own balancing machine, Hannecard-RUS is the only company in Russia in the domain of roller coating to offer this service.

Balancing capacity :

  • Diameter : up to 2,000 mm
  • Length : up to 12,000 mm
  • Weight: up to 10 tons on shafts – over 10 tons on bearings

For more information, mail to or call 04712 77 0042.

February 2014
Hannecard in the News
Hannecard has been listed in the newsletter of UNFEA, the federation of label printers.

Click here to read the article (in French).

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