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A career with the Hannecard Group

The Hannecard group is a worldwide active group with headquarters in Belgium. Our core business is to develop, produce and market high quality coverings and coatings for any imaginable sector of today’s industry.

During the past decades, Hannecard has obtained a strong, leading position on the roller covering market, undoubtedly based on its focus on research and a close cooperation with its customers in the development of custom-made solutions.
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A crucial element in this success are our more than 400 employees worldwide, with their motivation and competencies. At Hannecard, we are strongly aware of the role and value of each individual element, realising that what we achieve is only a reflection of countless individual efforts. That is why we’re not just looking for workers but for motivated people who are passionate about their jobs. People who bring inspiration, creation, innovation. People with the right skills and attitude.

If you want to be part of a company-in-motion, than find out what we might have for you at Hannecard !


A job at Hannecard because…

  • We believe that the whole is more than just the sum of the elements. That ’s why we organise motivation and performance reviews at regular bases. This way, everyone can do their say concerning future expectations and functioning in the company.
  • Every year, we spend a considerable budget on continually upgrading the skills of our employees.  This is elementary, if we want to keep up with the constantly changing technical environment
  • A great deal of importance is attached to the professional welfare of our employees. This is reflected, in particular, in the wages policy, in-house promotion opportunities, careers guidance and an open communication.
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